Friday, April 22, 2011

Isaac's 5th birthday

Isaac is now FIVE years old!
How crazy is that?

He had a huge party (15 guests) squeezed into the little block of time between the morning and afternoon  sessions of conference.  It was absolute Chaos!  At least that was the opinions of every adult, especially Daddy... but the important opinion belonged to Isaac who thought it was the coolest party ever!  Isaac even thanked Heavenly Father, that night in his prayers, for blessing him with such a cool party.  I was so glad that he was happy, because he had been talking about his party since December, so I was concerned that he was going to build it all up in his mind and then it wouldn't live up to all of his expectations... apparently a 5 year olds expectations are not as extreme as I had assumed... thank goodness.
 Isaac wanted to have a pajama, monster party so he could wear his monster

He picked the decorations from a company, we found online, called shindigs.  Like I said before he has been planning this party since December, that was when he picked the decorations out, and just about every day after that he would confirm with me that I understood what he wanted... he is so headstrong and determined. 

 I was very brave and let everyone eat their cakes on the floor since we didn't have 15 chairs at the table! Happily they didn't make any mess that wasn't easily vacuumed up later.

 What do monsters eat?  Mice of course.  Isaac helped me make these peach mice, they turned out really cute.  I remembered my mom making peach spiders and pear mice when I was a kid, so Isaac decided to try it out.  It was a big hit, the majority of the kids loved it.  I think Eden ate 4 of them herself.

We bought Isaac a big kid bike with training wheels, unfortunately he has only had 2 days since his birthday to ride on it.  Spring has forgotten that it is supposed to be here, so Winter is still going strong, We hope it will change soon! We want to go on a bike ride!

Happy Birthday Isaac

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


while getting together the pictures for the blizzard post, I came across these from a short lived snow fall back in December.  The kids helped me make this snowman.  It was kind of small but lots of fun.  It was gone by the next morning...